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Tesla Cars

The Tesla car company is an organization committed to the innovation of electric cars and to introducing these electric models into the mainstream vehicle market. The benefits of electric cars are substantial, especially with the cost of gasoline ever rising. The first Tesla model to be released to the general public was the Tesla Roadster. Today, Tesla produces two models primarily, which are the Model S and the Model X.

The Model S:

The Model S has received many awards, which include being named the Motor Trend "Car of The Year" for 2013 and being named an amazing car by the The Wall Street Journal.

Features of the Model S:

The Model S features a motor with only one moving piece, that being the rotor. Because it does not contain a combustion engine, it does not take any time at all for the car to accelerate. The Model S features instantaneous acceleration much like flipping a switch as it can reach 60 mph in 5.4 seconds.

The Model S features top speeds of 125 mph and has no tailpipe emissions. It also features a power train that is seamless, resulting in terrific handling. Its other technology based features are too numerous to name and include the ability to start the car without a key and retractable door handles to reduce drag among many other features.

The Model X:

The Model X is the SUV version of the Tesla car. Its most outstanding feature is its doors, which are referred to as wings. These "falcon wings" open up and out of the way allowing passengers the ability to step into instead of climbing into the Model X. It also offers third row seating options, meaning it’s an appropriate family car. In fact, its specifications imply it is an SUV with the benefits of a minivan all while being 100 percent electric and requiring not even one drop of gas to operate.

How do drivers keep their Tesla cars going?

To keep an electric car on the roadway, it only stands to reason there would have to be charging stations available. A public charging station featuring 7 kw of power will allow an electric car to travel 10 miles, a 10 kw station will yield 15 miles of driving and the supercharger station, which features 120 kw of power, will allow the Tesla car to travel 200 miles. All the aforementioned figures are based on a 30 minute charge. The lower wattage public stations are much more prevalent. However, there are now 37 superstations across America. Eventually, charging stations will become more available and will enable more and more people the ability to own an electric car.

Dangers of electric cars:

In the past, battery operated cars often included the danger of overheating due to their battery. Fortunately, Tesla vehicles feature a battery specifically designed for safety. The battery on a Tesla vehicle is liquid cooled, meaning the battery maintains a constant temperature and will not overheat.

Although not applicable for every person in America due to the scarcity of charging stations and the expense of purchase, the Tesla electric cars do offer a promising future for electric cars. Through their innovative design and commitment to safe vehicles, Tesla has created a revolutionary vehicle that is adored by anyone who has the privilege of owning one.