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The Cutting Edge

Do you ever fear being at the water cooler and having absolutely no idea what your colleagues are talking about?  You're sweating, hoping they don't ask for your thoughts because the only thought you have is that you're lost.  Well, you don't have to be stuck at the water cooler clueless, ever again.  

Introducing the IT Influencer resource page.  IT Influencers not only offers the opportunity to participate in online surveys by sharing opinions for money but it's now a place to visit to check out what's happening in the IT world today.  An IT world world, that's led by IT professionals like you.  Want to check out what's making headlines in your particular industry, well look no further.  Stay up to date with what's going on surrounding topics that interest you on a professional level.  It's here that you can find content that can not only help you at the water cooler, but most importantly can help you succeed professionally.  Read about current industry trends that perhaps you could take to your boss as an idea to tap into.  Learn about what is working for companies like yours and also what's not working. The topics that will be found here will be of a wide variety so there will be something that interests everyone, no matter what line of work you're in. 

Our goal is to provide content of the highest value to our IT professionals.

-The IT Influencer Team