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Salesforce Offers New Salesforce1 Service Cloud

Salesforce1 Service Cloud Now Offers Superlative Platform for Mobile CRM

New Salesforce1 Service Cloud is a revolutionary new approach to customer service, support and sales expanding mobility and accountability. Customer Platform API’s Touch Service provides both ISVs and developers with the tools to build and embed services in any app or product. The Salesforce 1 Platform open APIs available to developers or ISVs can be used to incorporate service notification into products and applications. Products can notify the service organization if repairs are necessary rather than have customers make a service call or wait until a device is non-functioning. The result is uninterrupted product use supported by superior service. Prompt resolution of customer issues can take place at any location.

Sales Cloud supported by the Salesforce1 Platform empowers field sales reps to sell anywhere using mobile devices. Sales Cloud also enables inside reps to invest their time in high quality leads. Sales managers get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in their departments, and with something akin to prescience can tell which deals will close. Lead and contact information are current and comprehensive, enabling the entire sales team with the tools to achieve optimum performance.

Sales Cloud features enhance CRM with the best of today’s technology. AppExchange transforms your mobile device into a high tech sales office — respond to hot leads, check your dashboard and collaborate with members of your team, no matter how far-flung your location. Contact Management enables you to integrate social intelligence with your sales process through interaction on global sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Klout.

Work.com, built on the Salesforce1 Platform, helps facilitate planning by setting metrics-based goals, providing coaching notes, and supporting continuous feedback within Sales Cloud. With these functionalities in place, new reps can get up to speed faster and acquire the winning behaviors they need to achieve their performance goals.

Salesforce1 Service Cloud provides the world’s most advanced CRM platform, providing functionality and mobility that support the superior customer service required for competitive operations anywhere. Sales management and service enjoy flexibility, availability and accountability for 24/7 operations. This is a very powerful platform available at an astoundingly reasonable price.

You can find out what others are saying about moving to The Service Platform for the Internet of Customers by creating a survey. Think about how you would move part or all of your CRM operation to this service platform. Then create a survey for enterprises of a similar size or business model, and field it at likely internet gathering places. Viewing your results, you should be able to get a good idea of industry attitudes about using this service platform.

You might also like to glean information on how various applications are being deployed. The idea is to gather diverse intelligence on formulating the best mobile cloud-based CRM platform for your organization. Companies such as proopinion.com typically conduct business research surveys.

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