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Google's Mystery Barges: a Truth Less Entertaining Than Fiction

When a mysterious barge emblazoned with the Google logo appeared in San Francisco Bay, many individuals began wildly speculating about its contents. Comedy news host John Stewart joked that it was part of Google's initiative to discover the secret to immortality while news agencies raced to find the truth. As with many things, the actual story is less entertaining than the real one.

The mysterious arrival of the Google mystery barge.

If nothing else, the Google mystery barge certainly had all of the appearances of a top secret experiment. The Google mystery barge was 250 feet long and composed entirely of recycled shipping containers. It arrived in San Francisco Bay with absolutely no fan fair and no announcements regarding a coming project. Other barges were soon spotted in Maine, increasing interest on an international level and catapulting the mysterious barge into the news.

Speculation about Google barges on a global scale.

Once the Google mystery barge had been noticed, speculation began flying through the air. Apart from Jon Stewart's wisecracking antics, others guessed that the barge was a data center or a new type of water-cooled server farm. Some pointed out that the barge could potentially be taken out into international waters, where secret experiments could be done. No one seemed to actually know what the Google mystery barge was about; even those that actually worked for Google remained in the dark about its true intent. All of these facts together created an incredible aura of mystery that inspired the imagination of a global audience.

The questions are finally answered.

After an incredible amount of fan furor, Google finally gave answers to the questions that everyone was asking. Unfortunately, it wasn't as incredibly enthralling as everyone had hoped. Google's mystery barges are, in fact, retail space. The mystery barge is the answer to Apple and Microsoft's sleek new technology stores. When entering the Google barge, prospective buyers will be able to try out Google's products in an interactive space. The products being sold in the Google barge have not been confirmed, but include Google Glass. Apart from the retail space, the barge will also be used as an event space that can be rented by corporate customers and individuals.

While the Google mystery barge may not be as exciting as it first appeared, it is still an incredibly interesting move by Google. Google is a company that is most notable for its free software offerings rather than physical products. The arrival of a large Google retail space seems to imply that Google is about to begin aggressively marketing its products on a retail level. While Google Glass is currently its flagship product, there are many other products in the works. Google has been working on its driver-less vehicles for some time, and the Android OS is on the majority share of smartphones in the world. The Google mystery barge may simply be yet another indication that Google is on its way to world domination.